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Technical Design

Structures for sofa bunk beds with vertically assisted openings by special springs. In this version the back and armrests are fixed on the upper bed and are lifted in the opening phase.


The lower bed level raises and moves forward about 20 cm with a special movement to make the bed underneath more comfortable.


This mechanism is equipped with a double anti-closing safety system whereby, once the upper bed is raised, it automatically locks into the two sides of the structure, preventing accidental closing.

In addition there is also another safety system that blocks the sliding of the rear cross.


Thanks to its operating characteristics this model can be used as a single bed, as a sofa or as a sommier, by applying back and armrests of any shape and size.

Mechanism made of high-resistance tubular steel and painted with epoxy powder.

The bed levels can be provided exclusively with slats of beech curved by steam or with electro-welded base.


ABOVE: mm 1900 x 820   H 120

BELOW: mm 1820 x 800   H 120


  • Outline

  • Protection

  • Iron back support

  • Iron arms

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